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It’s sucks when you like someone so much that you start to think of little random scenarios that could happen when you’re dating and you just keep thinking up new ones and then you come back to reality and you’re like “wait, that wasn’t real, and I’m still an ugly piece of shit”

Throughout your pregnancy you body is your unborn baby’s universe. You are the rivers, sunlight, earth,atmosphere, and sky for this being growing within you. Your baby’s body, mind, and soul are intimately intertwined with your own. Together you express the creative flow of life.

A Holistic guide to pregnancy and childbirth. Magical beginnings, Enchanted lives.

Deepak Chopra, M.D

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Do you ever get into an argument with someone and find yourself unable to speak for a moment because you’re just so blown away by how utterly wrong and ignorant the other person is being and you can’t understand how anyone could actually believe the things they are saying

There is always a fierce battle between two hungry forces going on inside you. One is negative – anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, lies, and hatred. The other is positive – love, joy, peace, hope, compassion, kindness, and truth. The force that wins is the one you feed the most. – (via stevenrosas)

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